The articles listed here are about mathematics and, with the exception of the last item, are non technical. A theme in several is the mutual entanglement of mathematical languages —  the numeric half of alphanumeric writing — and the creation of mathematical  thought.

2015  Mathematical Movement: Gesture in Digital Movement, edited S. Popat and N. Salazar, Palgrave-Macmillan [to appear]

2014  Foreword to Mathematics and the Body: Entanglements in the Classroom by Elizabeth de Freitas and Nathalie Sinclair, Cambridge U. Press

2012 Topology, Algebra, Diagrams Theory, Culture & Society, 29 (4/5), 1-14

2010 Topology Without Tears Slides of workshop with arts students at OSU

2010 Literature and Mathematics  Routledge Companion to Literature and Science 157-68

2005 Gesture in the Head: Mathematics and Mobility

2003 Will the Digital Computer Transform Classical Mathematics? Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. Lond. A 361, 1675-1690

2000 Think of a Number Noise ,  Edited Adam Lowe + Simon Schaffer. Kettle’s Yard, Unpaged

1999   Technology of Mathematical Persuasion   Inscribing Science Edited Tim Lenoir, Stanford U. Press. On line

1997  The Truth about Counting  The Sciences, vol 37 (6), 34-39.  Translated Et si les mathematiques tombaint du ciel?  La Recherche Hors Series #14, 2-17, 2004

1996 Counting Information: a note on physicalized numbers  Minds and Machines. Vol 6,  229-238

1995  Thinking Dia-Grams: Mathematics, Writing, and Virtual Reality   Mathematics, Science and Postclassical Theory. Ed Smith and Plotnitsky, 389-415

1988 Toward a Semiotics of Mathematics Semiotica 72, vol 1/2, 1-35

1982 Mathematics as Language: an Essay in Semiotics Circulated typescript

1964-72 Papers in mathematical journals

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