2008 Becoming Beside Ourselves: the Alphabet, Ghosts, and Distributed Human Being.   (Foreword by Tim Lenoir)  Stanford U. Press. [some reviews]

2000 Mathematics as Sign: Writing, Imagining, Counting
Stanford U. Press

1993 Ad Infinitum . . . the Ghost in Turing’s Machine: Taking God out of Mathematics and Putting the Body Back in. An Essay in Corporeal Semiotics
Stanford U. Press        (Translated Italian)

1987 Signifying Nothing: The Semiotics of Zero
Macmillan/Stanford U. Press 1993       (Translated German, Italian, Japanese)

1982-3 Mathematics as Language: an Essay in Semiotics
Circulated manuscript, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Bristol

1977 Jean Piaget: Psychologist of the Real
Harvester Press/ Cornell U. Press

1966 The Theory of Sets and Transfinite Numbers
(co-author G.T. Kneebone)

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