The articles  below started life for the most part as invited talks.

Key words: alphabet, bodies, capture, corporeal, diagrams, digital, electronic, gesture, ghost effects, the I, medium, the monobeing, prosody, parallel/serial, performance, Platonism, semiotic, subjectivity, technological, virtual, voice, writing.

Principal thesis: All inscription systems affect – inflect, re-create, engender – the subjectivities, modes of thought, and metaphysics of their users. The focus here is  alphabetic  writing as distinct from the symbolic/diagrammatic systems of mathematics.

2017 ‘Touching’ the Viewer University of Texas, Austin

2015 Experiencing Theatre  SLSA, Houston

2011 Intangibles Harvard Humanities Institute

2011 Automedial Ghosts  MLA, Profession 2011, 118-22

2009 Gesture, or the BWO of Speech  Semiotix, on-line Journal

2009 Gesture and the ‘I’ Fold  Parallax, 15 (4), 68-82

2008 Virtual X and Ghost Effects   Conference ‘Landscapes of New Media’, Aberdeen University

2007 Ghost Effects  Differences 18, 53-86

2007 Lettered Selves   Invited talk, Wayne State University, October

2003 The Alphabetic Body: Foreword to Glossolalia, an Alphabet of Critical Keyword, Edited Wolfreys,  Edinburgh U. Press, 1-7

2002 Corporeal or Gesturo-Haptic Writing   Configurations 10, 423-38

2002 The Alphabetic Body   Parallax 8, 92-104

2000 Going Parallel   SubStance 91, 56-79

1997 Mel Bochner: Visible Thinking   Trans> arts, cultures, media (3/4), 169-77

1995 Thinking Dia-Grams: Mathematics, Writing, and Virtual Reality   Mathematics, Science and Postclassical Theory. Ed Smith and Plotnitsky, 389-415

1994 Trapped in Hypostases   Bridging the Gap: Herbert Simon and Respondents. Stanford Humanities Review, Edited Guzeldere and Franchi, 99-101

1994 Exuberant Materiality:De-Minding the Store   Configurations 2, 257-74

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