July 2013   Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine.  Lesley Ferris and I organized a discussion of a play Blame Not Our Author.  Found some 30 years ago buried in the archives of the English College in Rome,  written between 1613 and 1633, anonymous,  undoubtedly the work of an English recusant with a “mathematique brain”. A full-length play, it was intended to be performed in the college as a carnival piece.  All its characters are from Euclidean geometry:  familiar shapes, such as Rectangulam and Circulus, and geometrical instruments — the dangerous figure of Compass and a straight edge ruler Regulus.  It’s full of energy and learned jinx and asks to be staged. The author would presumably have learned geometry from the first English translation, 1570, of Euclid’s Elements by  Sir Henry Billingsley; it has an introduction by the Magus John Dee.  Interestingly, Books XI  and XII, concerned with 3-dimensional geometry, contain a number of pasted-in pop-up diagrams illuminating the theorems. The first ever pop-up book? (As a bonus, one of the participants offered to teach juggling in an hour. I’m still practising).

August 2013  Review of  Benoit Mandelbrot’s memoir “The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick” for the London Review of Books.

August-September 2013   Reviewing a book manuscript for a university press. A brilliantly provocative  essay on  the intellective space where thought and knowledge are performed, where always we say more than we think and think more than we say.  More anon. It’s now 2015 published “The Intellective Space: Thinking Beyond Cognition” by Laurent Dubreuil.

September-October 2013  Writing Foreword to Mathematics and the Body: Entanglements in the Classroom by Nathalie Sinclair and Elizabeth de Freitas to be published by Cambridge U. Press.

January 2014  Review of Max Tegmark’s “Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality” for Guardian Newspaper.

August 2014 — February 2015 Writing stage play “A Land Without People” to be produced at the Courtyard Theatre, London, July 2015.

October 2014  Review of Joseph Mazur’s “Enlightening Symbols: A short History of Mathematical Notation and its Hidden Powers”   for Literary Review 10/2014

March 2015 Talk “Some Thoughts on Gesture” to postgraduate students at Rhode Island School of Design.

July 2015  Play “A Land Without People” directed by Lesley Ferris enjoys a successful 4 week run at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton. The script, reviews and programme to be posted shortly.

Red Pepper  Why I wrote a play charting Israel’s violent birth. Playwright Brian Rotman reflects on the background to his new play tracing the origins of the state of Israel.

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