Background Noise

Begin with ASCII zero or HEX zero or just plain 0, origin of the writing machine. Stands for all nothings and absences you can think of. After death if you like. Before birth if you like. Right here in the middle of things whether you like it or not. No knowing where it is. And where it isn’t. No is/isn’t to speak of really. The only way the fly can get out of the fly-bottle (except by pure chance – oh free will, oh determinacy) is by imagining, making a model in whatever medium it can manage of its tiny flyhood self, and thereby seeing itself as ‘a fly in a bottle’. But part of being a fly is getting trapped in bottles, otherwise no need for models in the first place. So at best the fly can get itself out of the bottle and into the ‘bottle’. Is that right? Those tiny marks can be weird. And are there really people out there who sit thinking about – Nothing? What thing about nothing can there be said? Why do they do it? Why should anybody want to bother with the constant gonad ache of such? What benefit to we-the-unwashed to listen to the ghost stories of these nothing mongers and semioticos of zero, these assorted logic doctors of the void fixing the quick of things? But then, from within the machine, far below the pretty alphabet of ASCII-0 to ASCII-255 and and its presence on the screen, comes the whisper of presence (and absence) thirty million million times a second – a fly quivering deep inside its bottle.

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