Until then, the RAGDOLLS had been an obscure collective of feminist eco guerillas known, if at all, for a few cheekily subversive but unspectacular gender-earth happenings. Then they somehow found a way of taking out the satellite system through which the EZ news and infotainment conglomerate, leading player in the mega-dollar promosynaptic reality market, beamed its products to an image-hungry world. The mighty EZ, caught unawares and forced to play for time, agreed to RAGDOLL’s demand: one billion laundered Yen. After restoring the satellite the dolls ran a tremor through it — to show EZ’s boss the score — and hit him with their second demand: complete visual control of the moon for a month: all images, promotional narratives, and corporate messages normally displayed on the moon’s surface to be replaced, for one continuous period of twenty nine days twelve hours and forty five minutes, by material specified by RAGDOLLS. The ruthless but futile attempts by EZ’s agents to flush out the moon bandits was screened daily (courtesy of EZ’s competitors) to a truly global viewing audience. An audience who, for a whole lunar cycle, could as a bonus, watch a giant ideogram being assembled on the moon’s silver screen and guess the clues, concealed among the explosively erotic images of feminist propaganda, to the whereabouts of ten million of those Yen, that the RAGDOLLS were giving away.

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