A Land Without People
A play charting the double violence, against the British and against the Palestinians, in the events leading-up to the founding of the state of Israel.
Directed by Lesley Ferris, The Courtyard Theatre, London July 2015

An ancient listening module in Andromeda detects a series of radio signals from an unmapped region of a distant galaxy. The resident power sends two of its more expendable entities to investigate.
OSU Theatre Department, Student production, Columbus 2006

The rise of the Christian Right in the United States raised the spectre of an American theocracy.
Directed by Robin Post, Theatre Technis, London 2005

Eisenstein’s Flight
A play for radio
In 1929 Stalin allowed the brilliant young filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein to leave the Soviet Union for America to study the new technique of sound film. The mission did not end well.

Hottentot Venus
In 1810, Sartje Baartman, a young South African woman of the Khoi people was brought to London and exhibited semi-naked on the stage of a theatre in Piccadilly as a sexual freak.
Rehearsed reading directed by Rob Walker, Half Moon Theatre, London 1981

I’m the Original
A Thatcherite fantasy to eliminate the useless mouths of the old.
Directed by Lesley Ferris, Jackson’s Lane Community Theatre,London 1980

An analyst of psyches and his assistant investigate a case involving a pump-up penis.
Directed by John Fletcher, York and Albany, London, 1979

If you are interested in producing any of these, please contact me:

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